Best solar generator


We now have technology allowing us to access solar power energy when we require it. When you are off the grid a traditional fuel generator was often used to supply critical power. However, with the invention of lithium-ion batteries, and solar power, all we need is some sunshine and a generator to access green energy whenever required. This is revolutionary as no messy fuel is needed for your generator to supply your power needs for several hours or even longer while you are away from traditional power sources.

Best Solar Generator

The Jackery Explorer 240

The above unit will recharge your unit within 8 hours before you leave home on your camping trip. When camping away for a weekend this should be enough power to see you through. The Jackery Explorer 240 is lightweight and compact and provides power.

Its other advantage is that it has voltage and surge stability making it suitable for recharging AC lights, TV, mini-fridge. Using one of two USB ports you can even charge electronic devices. When you load your car up for a weekend of camping this unit will not take up much space.

The Jackery Explorer 500

Another portable good clean energy solution this has an outlet of 110W making it fine for TVs and laptops and other devices to work in your campsite. There is 1000W for applications requiring extra power. This unit comes with up to three USB ports, to recharge your cooler and phone. making it very convenient when camping. When you are charging it can be completed in 14 hours before you leave home. Solar-Sage has a portable panel, as long as the sun is shining at the campsite allowing recharge over the weekend. If not, connect to an outlet and it will be charged in 8 hours making it the best solar generator to take with you.

Yeti 400 Goal Zero Generator

This is perfect for camping offering reliable power when you are out in the wilds. The brand gives 396 Wh of energy from a battery that can power 7 devices at one time. The device has a 300W output continuously from a wave inverter with two outputs. This is an interesting unit with an LCD display that shows everything from how many watts it is consuming to the remaining battery capacity available. It can be connected to a display panel DC input or a wall plug. It is a light portable unit to take with you on a weekend trip.

Goal Zero Yeti 150

This unit provides 168 watt-hours of battery storage and can charge several devices at once. This translates to charging your phone 15 times or the laptop twice. It portable and the best choice for a camper, as it is so simple. It has a large 80 W capacity. for AC loads. Two USB outputs and lights can be turned on using 12V output. Charge your cell phone at the campsite.

It can only be recharged via solar panels, so keep the solar panels at home, and recharge for your weekend camping adventure trip.

Best Solar Generator /Portable

If you are really into solar you probably also have it at home, and not just when you are away camping. Renogy offers portable solutions in the kit form with controllers invertors and more. The Phoenix Portable Generator is a product used in emergency charging situations when you are camping and have no available power source. It comes in a pack like a suitcase containing a 20W this makes it possibly the best solar generator.

Renogy has a panel with the product, if you require it you can extend the power output by adding greater power to the module.

This is really useful for camping when you want to recharge your smartphones and i-pads, great for the kids as they can play games at night on their i- pads. Don’t leave the unit out in the hot sun, as this may cause damage when exposed to bright light.

Emergencies the Best Solar Generator

When you require emergency backup for a power outage the best option is the Paxcess 100-watt station. This is lightweight and has been designed with this in mind, and will be useful if you live in an area that suffers from regular power outages. This can be a problem for certain medical devices providing support in the home, like a CPAP machine. Having the emergency generator means that the CPAP delivery of oxygen will not be interrupted when the main power supply stops. Also, those with tropical aquariums value this back up as tropical fish die if their aquariums get too cold overnight this is when the power disruptions appear to be at their worst, making it the best solar generator option for many. Another backup option is Chafon when you need a generator option at home by many people as it can provide even more power and acts as a UPS unit during a blackout. In places with very cold winters, it is extremely dangerous to have a blackout, as the temperatures drop to very low levels.

Are Solar Generators Expensive?

Solar generators are not expensive and are charged based on capacity and brands with a lower capacity between $120 and $200.

Large generators with over 400Wh are priced between $600 and $1500. Before you purchase consider what you want to use while you are away camping or during a power blackout and base your decision accordingly. Often the best decision is based on needs not wants.


Having your best solar generator on trips will make your weekend away much easier, especially if an emergency occurs as it sometimes does.

When you are at home, it is equally important as the power outages can occur at any time, and if you live in a rural area where a storm brings down a few trees, you can be without power for a day or two, and without and find yourself cooking on a wood fire or eating cold food in winter!